Our Mission Statement:

PlayWell Performing Arts is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary performing arts training program for children and teens in Palm Beach County. Through classes, workshops, private and group Instruction, and full-length Musical productions, we celebrate each student as a member of the arts community we serve.

We promote teamwork through ensemble participation, as well as honing the craft of the individual to cultivate the potential of each student. The skills developed as part of the PlayWell program and the development of thoughtful observers form not only well-rounded performers, but well-rounded people; we endeavor to help all students experience the excitement and dedication necessary to help them on stage and in all aspects of life.

The power of live performance inspires PlayWell participants to excel at their craft, and the nurturing, supportive educational atmosphere allows students to explore and experiment, to push their own boundaries, and to expand their horizons in rehearsal, onstage, and beyond.

Our dedication to providing quality performing arts training and performance opportunities, our belief in the magical power of live theatre in all its forms, and our unparalleled commitment to foster creativity and to serve as a facilitator of continuing education make us proud to present PlayWell Performing Arts to you; the stage is our classroom.